How to Choose a Pool Cue for Beginners

how to choose a pool cue

Well, every beginner must find a cue that is durable, easy to handle, straight, and sized correctly. Most of the players feel that it is a simple process as they feel that they just need to pick a cue off the rack. If you are a beginner and want to improve your game, then you must choose the right pool cue to play the pool game.

Before choosing the cue for your pool game, you should try different cue sticks and also check the weight, length, and diameter of the cue.  Always choose the cue that is more comfortable for you. However, there are some basic things that every pool player should keep in mind before selecting the cue.  Here you can find the basic things that you need to consider before selecting the precise pool cue.


It is important to find a Pool cue made of the right material.  The pool sticks that are made of maple seem to be the most simple and durable and it is the best option for beginners.  The durability of the cue is crucial particularly when you are playing the eight-ball multiple games.

Hard maple can often be found in higher-end models like the Predator Sport 2 and Lucasi Sneaky Pete. These pool cues can take your game to the next level.

The best wrap material on the cue gives you a proper grip. Also, you can choose nylon and linen if you are a beginner.

Size and Weight

The best weight and size is, in fact, depends on personal preferences. In general, the average weight of a cue is around 18 to 21 ounces, and the length is between 57 and 59 inches.  The best option is to take a few cues and check which one feels right in your hand before selecting.

If you are a tall person, then choose the stick that is longer and if you are a short person, then go with a shorter stick for better performance.  When it comes to choosing the weight, around 20 ounces is the best option for beginners as it helps them get better ball spin.

Pool Cue Length

An ideal straight pool cue with a perfect length is the crucial thing that you should consider when you plan to buy a new pool cue for your pool game.  To provide complete control of your game, it should fit with your arm length.

A regular two-piece cue with 58-inches will be comfortable for any individual whose height is between 5-feet 8-inches to 6-feet 5-inches.  If the individual is taller than 6.5 feet, then they must order a cue specifically, it should be around 61-inches. For kids or individuals with below-average height should be between 48 and 52-inches cue.

Also, when choosing a two-piece cue you should consider the straightness carefully. This is because the two separate cue pieces can easily get bent after attaching them in the center.

Weight of the Cue

In general, the pool cue weight ranges between 17-ounces to 21-ounces, choosing the weight of the cue also depends on each player’s comfort level. Generally, most players selected between 19-ounces to 21-ounces.

The end part of the cue carries more weight and the end is also thicker than the shaft.  If the cue feels heavy in the back part, then it is advisable to choose the lighter one for better performance.  Professional players are very particular about the weight as they consider the weight depending on the support while playing their favorite shots. For instance, the pro players like to play with the heavier cue is good for breaking shots and the like lighter cue is good for skill shots.

Wrap Type

You get two wrap options, including linen and leather, or you can also find the cue with not wrap.  You should know that you will hold the wrap area of the cue with your back-hand which means that most of your skin part will be contacted with it. Choose fine leather or linen wrap if you sweat a lot as these materials absorb a lot of sweat.

You can also choose a rubber grip, but the fact is they can wear out very quickly and also they get slippery very quickly.  However, it is always not a good idea to choose the fiberglass wrap cue or bare wood because these types of cues do not offer a grip and might slip after playing some time.

Cue Tip

The tip of the cue is found at the front part of the pool cue.  The tip of the cue hits the ball when you hit the cue ball. That is why it is also important to choose the tip as it supports your pool game performance and style.

A soft tip can wear out or misshape faster but it is the perfect option for those individuals who spin the cue ball a lot while playing the shot.  Whereas the hard tip can have a longer life but they are not the best option for spin shots.  Choosing medium tips are more suitable as these are the best option to use in new cues.

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